J & C Ranch

Champion bloodline Highland Cattle in western New Mexico


In 2019, our family business acquired grazing land in western New Mexico, which is now known as J & C Ranch. We spent a lot of time researching different cattle breeds, and found that Scottish Highlands were a perfect fit for us. Their temperament is traditionally docile, their meat is nothing short of extraordinary, and their ability to winter at high elevations suited us well. At 8,300 feet with a lake, creek, and springs, the ranch is elite habitat for raising Highland cattle. We acquired our first stock in 2020 and we were off and running.

We have three calves due this year, and may bring in some more stock to further diversify our bloodlines. The goal is to get our fold up to about a single bull and a dozen cows that are high producers with champion lines.

Available Highlands

Calves are available routinely. Please reach out for details.

Our Crew

We started with a bull and three cows from well respected Highland ranchers in Colorado and Arizona. We now have close to a dozen Highlands. Our stock has championship lines hailing from breeders in Colorado and Wisconsin.

The Bulls.
J&C Veronica Vaughn and J&C Duchess of Bay Ridge

Highland Cattle is a superior breed

Excellent Foragers

Calving Ease

Docile Temperament

Adaptable to All Climates

Picturesque Heritage Breed

Tender, Lean, Flavorful Beef – Highland beef has lower fat content than chicken (with more protein) and lower cholesterol than salmon.


Additional Information

Ideal Habitat

Our cows are raised under ideal conditions. Plenty of water, lush grass, and space.

Our Brand

J & C Ranch was named after the ranch’s future owners, Juliet and Carson.

Suited for Winter

Highlands came from within the arctic circle, so winters in New Mexico are like summers to their ancestors.